Slurp the Vegetable!
Our original soup and noodles,
and health benefit.


We use Ippudo noodles for their unique texture and taste, mainly using the smooth thin flour noodles and thick wavy turmeric flour noodles. We’ve carefully selected the noodles based on their flavor profile, form, length, thickness, and texture for each ramen to create the most memorable ramen experience for you.  

Our chashu is cooked with select Japanese soy sauce specifically used for tenderizing pork.

Our bamboo shoots are freshly made in-house piquant with soy and sesame marinade. 

We strive to prep most of our ingredients in-house and do not add any artificial aromas or flavor enhancers.  

Tare(original seasoning agent for ramen)
We pay great attention to the temperature and timing as we heat up raw soy sauce to seamlessly bind flavors with other ingredients. The concentrated umami flavor comes from mushrooms and seaweed, and the special aging process that lasts for more than a week.  

Our broth is 100% natural. We use local Bobo chicken, which specifically refers to an old hen that has rich and mellow fat content. This gives our soup its robust full-bodied flavor. 

Our base stock is made of 10 different kinds of vegetables to give it the fullness and depth in the final broth. By meticulously drying out select ingredients, we retain the flavor notes we do want and extract those we don’t want.