For Lovers of NY Ramen Noodles.
New Options for Vegetarians.

Using only a carefully selected array of the finest Japanese and freshest locally sourced organic vegetables from New York, our Ramen Noodle vegetable stock is thoughtfully prepared using traditional Japanese Ramen Stock making methods and is combined with artisanal handmade fresh Ramen Noodles from Ippudo NY. This results in an umami filled, complex and full-bodied bowl, finishing with a rich and satisfying flavor.


Slurp the Vegetable!
Our original soup and noodles,
and health benefit.


Using fresh carrots and red beetroot as the main components of our stock, we specialize in a delicious Beet Red-Colored Vegetarian Ramen. There is also a Green Vegetable Ramen using a selection of brightly flavored leafy green vegetables including fresh organic spinach and peppery baby green watercress. They are an earthy reduction of intense mushroom flavor that is combined with savory sesame for a delicious Tantan-Men style Ramen. We also tied up with Ippudo NY and invented our original noodles. The ingredients of noodles are carefully selected and blended with turmeric and spinach. In a result, these are the best choice for vegetarians and those who concerns about health but want to eat ramen. Each bowl has different health effects such as Fatigue-Relieveing, Increasing Metabolism, Anti-Aging and more. 




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Red Vegetable Ramen

Soup: Beets, Carrot, Tomato, Onion, Potato, Mushrooms
(Porcini, Morels, Shiitake), Konbu 

Noodles: Turmeric

Topping: Paprika, Arugula,
Fried Lotus Root, Basil Flake 

Effect: Fatigue-relieving, Beautiful Skin,
Increase Metabolism, Anti-cancer


Special Red Vegetable Ramen

Red Vegetable Ramen with extra chāshū pork,
steamed chicken, and half-egg.

Green Vegetable Ramen

Soup: Water Cress, Spinach, Cabbage, Onion, Potato, Mushrooms (Porcini, Morels, Shiitake), Konbu

Noodles: Spinach

Topping: Paprika, Tofu, Fried Lotus Root

Effect: Anti-aging, Anti-anemia, 
Anti-arteriosclerosis, Beautiful Skin


Spicy Mushroom Ramen Tofu or Pork

Soup: Porcini, Morels, White Mushroom, Shiitake,
Enoki, Shimeji, Sesame, Onion, Konbu

Noodles: Turmeric

Topping: Pork or Tofu, Bok Choi

Effect: Detox, Anti-aging, Improve Blood Circulation


Special Green Vegetable Ramen

Green Vegetable Ramen with extra chāshū pork,
steamed chicken, and half-egg





New Tokyo Style Shōyu Ramen

Soup: Chicken, Truffle, Porcini

Noodles: Thin Flour Noodle

Topping: Chāshū Pork, Chicken Breast,
Bamboo Shoot, Shiso, Egg,
Mushroom Paste, Pork Fat





Red Ramen Salad / Tofu or Chicken & Egg

Red leaves, red vegetables, edible flowers and steamed chicken with turmeric noodles; choice from ginger dressing, radish dressing,or sesame dressing


Green Ramen Salad / Tofu or Chicken & Egg

Green leaves, green vegetables, edible flowers and steamed chicken with spinach noodles; choice from ginger dressing, radish dressing,or sesame dressing




Pork Bun (2pc)

Steamed bun with chashu,
mayo and cucumber 


Potato Salad

Mushed potato with onion,
carrot, and corn


Steamed Chicken (6pc)

Slow-cooked chicken breast
with original potherbsauce



Boiled green soybean with
yuzu citrus salt



Chāshū Plate (6pc)

Pork belly with special pepper
sauce served with potato salad




Sapporo Light




Sapporo Reserve

Kikusui Can (200ml)

Hakkaisan Ginjyō (180ml)

Dassai 50 (180ml)

Mio Sparkling Sake (300ml)

Bottle water

Can Soda
(Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale)


Oolong Tea

Premium Green Tea “IEMON”

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